Jailyn and Daddy

Jailyn and Daddy


Jai's 1st day

Great Grandma Juanita

Great Grandma Juanita
GG Neat

Jailyn and Pa Pa

Jailyn and Pa Pa
That's my GRANDPA!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mary, the bird

I love nature ... I met a baby bird and named her Mary. She fell out of her nest and the mommy wasn't home. So I took care of her.

Amani and I fed her until her mom got home. But she never did so I became her mommy. I hung out with her and introduce her to mommy, daddy and my sisters. She's cute.
Later after dinner I went out to check on Mary and she wasn't around. I thought Riley might have bit her but she was nowhere around. Mommy and daddy told me how Mary's mom was probably near by and was watching us while we took care of Mary. As soon as we left, her mom came and got her.
I hope she takes better care of Mary.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Beetle

Today at Coleman we found a beetle. It was really really really really BIG. I wasn't scared of it but a lot of other people were.
Oh let me tell you about Coleman. Coleman Community Center is where I go to day camp. I'm meeting a lot of new friends, learning how to swim, and having a lot of FUN! The saddest thing happened today, a little boy and another boy said can you touch your toes. So when the little boy touched his toes, the other boy kicked him in the behind. That was so mean. I told Ms. Cammie, my counselor, and the big boy got into trouble. That's the end of the saddest thing that happened today.
Tonight I went running with my mom and daddy. Mommy is trying to lose weight and she's doing a great job with her running. GO MOMMY!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm addicted

I am addicted to Wii. I love to play EVERYDAY!
Let me catch you up ... April...there were a few tornadoes but they didn't come near our house. We had a lot of rain but no floods like last year. In April I found out that I was excelling in reading. I attended a lot of my sister's track meets. I tried to stay home so I could play Wii but the whole family would go to the meets.
May...May was my mommy's birth month, my birth month, my mommy's boss twin girls' birth month and Trey's birth month. Also we celebrated Mother's Day in May. We did a lot of partying in May. :) We also partied about me graduating. I graduated to 1st grade and my papa, daddy and mommy came to the graduation ceremony. We had a picnic after wards and I played with the cicadas.
June...today is the first Friday of June and I don't have any more school until August. I got a GREAT report card...all Es. :) E is for excellent. I really love school but I am glad no more getting up early to go to school until Fall.
I will definitely have pictures tomorrow. My mommy's laptop was sick and we got it back yesterday and its much easier to organize pictures now.
I have to go and beat Amani in boxing so I'll talk to you later.
Love, Jai!


Hi, it's Jailyn's mom again. It has been a little over 2 months since I updated Jailyn's site. No fault of her's...all mine. Been so BUSY that I haven't taken the time to log in. I'm sooooo sorry! Jailyn doesn't even know that I'm on here now begging for your forgiveness.

TONIGHT Jailyn and I are going to update you with all of her great news! A lot has happened since March 9th and she's going to tell you all about it! :)

Thank you for your patience and check out what she has to say tonight!

Love you all!
Jailyn's Mommy/Editor