Jailyn and Daddy

Jailyn and Daddy


Jai's 1st day

Great Grandma Juanita

Great Grandma Juanita
GG Neat

Jailyn and Pa Pa

Jailyn and Pa Pa
That's my GRANDPA!

Monday, September 3, 2012

No Labor on Labor Day

Today we're not doing ANYTHING.  We're just hanging out in our pjs and watching Animal Planet.  In fact, my favorite "The Call of the Wildman" is on right now and we're watching him catch a snapping turtle in Kentucky with a marine.  He's funny.  I really hate that I haven't kept you all updated.  So here we go...my oldest sister is now a freshman at University of Memphis majoring in Pre Physical Therapy and Sports and Leisure Management.  She's doing really well there.  My grandparents stay only 30 minutes away from her so they go get her so she hang out with them.  My Papa taught sissie how to fry fish and home made french fries.  LOL!  My other sister is a senior/first semester freshman.  She attends Dual High School.  It's when she's taking high school classes AND college classes and she has a 3.5 so she's pretty smart.  She likes it a lot.  She's going to be a doctor.  Me?  I have a problem.  I LOVE animals and want to be vetinerarian but I don't like school.  I go to a new school now and I don't like it as much as I like my old school and teacher.  I get bored.  It's not fun.  Mommy says 'cuz I'm a big girl now and second grade is harder than 1st grade.  The homework is not hard but it's just boring.  But I love to read.  I'm working on my attitude about school.

I'm in my church's dance group.  We performed in June and we did an awesome job!  I have a video but mommy has to download on here later.  I LOVE to dance...daddy got my Wii with a BUNCH of video games but my favorite is still Michael Jackson Experience.  I love MICHAEL JACKSON.  My mom's boss gave us tickets to his show and I cried I was so happy.  It was really neat to see all the dancers dancing to his music.  I think I want to do that.

Let's see what else is new ... well my puppy Riley died.  :(  Then Remi ran away (I think someone stole her from our back deck).  So Mommy bought my a Yorkie Poo...he was adorable.  I named him Braxton.  He had Parvo and died within 24 hours.  I was mad at the lady who sold it to us.  I am so hurt.  So a few weeks later we went to Petco just to look at the other animals.  This old lady came in with a chocolate cocker spaniel...she was really cute and 2 years old.  The lady complained that the dog was too big for her.  So my daddy told her to call us when she was ready to sell her.  She called my mommy a week later and said "because she was given to me, I'll give her to you and your family."   That's a blessing!  We got the dog, crate, food, toys and papers on Coco (that's her name).  She is WONDERFUL .. .everyone love her.  :)

Well I gotta go 'cuz I'm missing The Turtle Man.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My mom is SOOO wrong!

Okay I'm mad at my mommy.  I mean I know she has a lot going on but we haven't blogged in MONTHS and there's so much I have to tell you.   Like I'm now in second grade AND I'm at a new school. 
In the last two months I've had 2 dogs (we'll discuss later). My sister Ambria graduated from high school and is moving to Memphis to attend University of Memphs. My sister Amani is graduating next May but she could graduate this December but Mommy and Daddy won't let her. She doesn't know which school she's going to yet but she really like UTK!

I gotta go but I will definitely blog TONIGHT!  I'll have my sissies blog for me...my mommy is fired!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is


I really love my family. Ambria gets her braces off today...I'm so excited for her. Amani is attending this intern thing at a college. She's going to visit her new school tonight with mommy and it's at a college too. I'm so excited for her. Riley didn't make any mistakes in her bed last night and she stayed in the hallway. I love her.

I mean it...I love my family.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mary, the bird

I love nature ... I met a baby bird and named her Mary. She fell out of her nest and the mommy wasn't home. So I took care of her.

Amani and I fed her until her mom got home. But she never did so I became her mommy. I hung out with her and introduce her to mommy, daddy and my sisters. She's cute.
Later after dinner I went out to check on Mary and she wasn't around. I thought Riley might have bit her but she was nowhere around. Mommy and daddy told me how Mary's mom was probably near by and was watching us while we took care of Mary. As soon as we left, her mom came and got her.
I hope she takes better care of Mary.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Beetle

Today at Coleman we found a beetle. It was really really really really BIG. I wasn't scared of it but a lot of other people were.
Oh let me tell you about Coleman. Coleman Community Center is where I go to day camp. I'm meeting a lot of new friends, learning how to swim, and having a lot of FUN! The saddest thing happened today, a little boy and another boy said can you touch your toes. So when the little boy touched his toes, the other boy kicked him in the behind. That was so mean. I told Ms. Cammie, my counselor, and the big boy got into trouble. That's the end of the saddest thing that happened today.
Tonight I went running with my mom and daddy. Mommy is trying to lose weight and she's doing a great job with her running. GO MOMMY!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm addicted

I am addicted to Wii. I love to play EVERYDAY!
Let me catch you up ... April...there were a few tornadoes but they didn't come near our house. We had a lot of rain but no floods like last year. In April I found out that I was excelling in reading. I attended a lot of my sister's track meets. I tried to stay home so I could play Wii but the whole family would go to the meets.
May...May was my mommy's birth month, my birth month, my mommy's boss twin girls' birth month and Trey's birth month. Also we celebrated Mother's Day in May. We did a lot of partying in May. :) We also partied about me graduating. I graduated to 1st grade and my papa, daddy and mommy came to the graduation ceremony. We had a picnic after wards and I played with the cicadas.
June...today is the first Friday of June and I don't have any more school until August. I got a GREAT report card...all Es. :) E is for excellent. I really love school but I am glad no more getting up early to go to school until Fall.
I will definitely have pictures tomorrow. My mommy's laptop was sick and we got it back yesterday and its much easier to organize pictures now.
I have to go and beat Amani in boxing so I'll talk to you later.
Love, Jai!