Jailyn and Daddy

Jailyn and Daddy


Jai's 1st day

Great Grandma Juanita

Great Grandma Juanita
GG Neat

Jailyn and Pa Pa

Jailyn and Pa Pa
That's my GRANDPA!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Easter this is happy Easter...

Easter is almost here! My mommy sings a song every Easter. She said she used to sing it when she was a little girl.

"Easter Easter this is happy Easter, Jesus Lives! Jesus Lives! Easter Easter this is happy Easter, Jesus Lives! Jesus Lives!"

I can't wait for EASTER!

It is rainy today so I can't go out and play but I will play with Remi after I finish my homework. Then I'm going over Granny's!!

PaPa and Grandma sent me a box of goodies Tuesday and I am STILL going through everything they sent me. My sissies say I'm spoiled but I say I'm lovable.

Love you all...have a great day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pirate Day

Aye aye matey ... today I went to the library with Granny and we made a pirate hat. We had fun!!!
I came home and played with daddy and Remi. It was a beautiful day and sunny.
I love to play outside.

Pirate hat

Today Granny and I went to the library and had fun! I made a pirate hat. Aye aye mate!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My family is back!

For Spring Break everyone was gone! Ambo was in Florida, mommy and Amani went with Granny, Auntie and Brooke for the weekend and Trey was at his friend's house. It was just me and daddy the WHOLE weekend.

I did get to hang out with Aunt Linda Saturday morning. She made me look like a princess. She braided my hair and guess what?!?! I did not cry. I'm a big girl!!! Aunt Linda also did my nails and toes and we went to McDonald's and we sat inside. We had a GREAT time!

Then I hung out with my Godmommy and Godbrudder, Reece. We played and played and guess where we went for dinner. YEAH my favorite place: McDonald's!!!

I had fun all day Saturday but I really missed everyone. They all came home Sunday! :) I gave mommy a big hug and kiss and rubbed on her. She asked why i was rubbing and I told her to give her my germs. Then she can call sick in the morning.

I love family!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is almost here!

I took my nap today and woke up with daddy promising me we'll walk Remi. We played outside with Remi and it is really nice outside. I love to play.

My mommy didn't blog much this week and I was mad. She said she'll do better.

My sissy, Ambo, left for Panama Beach, FL to run track and I miss her already. I hope she wins. She told me she has 4 to run. That is a lot but she's fast.

Amani and Mommy go on their vacation tomorrow with Auntie and Granny. :( I stay home with daddy and help take care of Remi. I love Remi sooooo much!
Now that its not cold outside I hope me and Mommy can start our garden. I want a lot of flowers, strawberries, watermelon and carrots.
Bye bye!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What a day!

Today we took Remi to the doggy spa and she got a haircut. She really looks cute. We forgot to bring her sweater and it's really cold today so we bought her a sweatjacket that is really cute. I love her sooooooo much.

I hung out with Mommy and my sissies all day! Mommy and I finished our St. Patty's Day project and it's really cute!

I got to go to bed 'cuz mommy said it's late. Oh and here's a picture of me at Granny's birthday lunch. I was afraid of the fire on the hibachi grill.

What a day!

My mommy took Remi for her spa day at the groomers. She looks so cute with her new haircut. We went and bought her a new sweatshirt since it's sooo cold here and we forgot to bring one of her sweaters. I love her soooo much!

I hung outwith my mommy and daddy. Mommy and I finished our St Patty's Day project. It's really cute!

I'm going to bed now 'cuz my mommy said it's late. Oh and here's a picture of me at my Granny's bday party at a hibachi grill. Really neat! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Granny is 60!

My Granny turned 60 today. We had a party at a Hibachi grill. The cook was really neat and made fire. I didn't get burn. I ate my vegetables 'cuz he made them taste really good. I like Yomotas! I want to go again. After our late lunch with Granny we went back to Auntie's and had cake and ice cream. The cake had jelly inside and I didn't like that. Mommy said it's a "danish layer" but I didn't like that layer of rasberry jelly. Auntie had the movie "The Tooth Fairy" and it was okay.

It is really late and I didn't take a nap today. I'm going to bed now. Guess what!?!? My mommy isn't going to work tomorrow. She is spending the whole day with me. :) I'm so happy! We are going to take Remi to get her hair cut, pick up Granny's desk and take her shopping and then Mommy and I are going to finish our St. Patty's Day project.

Love you all and gooooooooooood night!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Everyone is sick

Ambria was sick since Saturday but she went to school today. Daddy has been sick since Sunday night. Today Amani said she was sick...her tummy is rumbling. Brooke and Trey aren't feeling good either. Goodness! I feel great. I'm not sick.

I went to the library with Granny. Did I tell you all I went to a play last week with Granny? I love to read and I now love plays. Had a GREAT time.

My mommy got an A on her quiz. I think she knows everything.

Today I helped mommy make 2 pizzas. She can't have any because she can't have bread. I told her pizza doesn't have bread it has crust. Maybe she don't know everything. I don't like sausage so she ate all of mine.

I'm going to go and hang out with daddy and make him feel better.

I love you! Good night!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whata Weekend

What a weekend? Friday night I went to see my sister Ambria run track. She won the 100 yd dash AND the 4x400 relay. I am so proud of her. It was COLD outside. Mommy treated everyone to McDonald's. She is on a diet and she didn't eat any french fries. I'm proud of my mommy.

Saturday and today I stayed in my pjs all day. Ambria and I got a little sick from the track meet. My mommy made my favorite: LASAGNA! I ate two pieces because I love it. I really didn't like the salad but I ate the apples that were in it.

ILOVEU!!! Good nite. Smooches!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I went to the library with my Granny. Today a grown up told me to"hush" twice. That was mean huh? I picked three books. I went back to my Granny's house and had a lunchable and I shared my treat with Granny. Granny and Brookey took me home.

It was a slow and chilly day.

I love you - good night!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Madness

Ambria stayed home today; not feeling well. But daddy made us "work" so she'll be at school tomorrow. LOL!

I know a lot but now I'm learning the months of the year.

I wanted to go with my daddy to pick up my cousin, Ebon, but he made me stay home. I beat him up! I really wanted to go.

My mom made Broccali and Chicken braid and I loved it. It was very good.

I love you! Good good good night!